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The Gymnasium Frechen is a secondary school at Frechen city, near by Cologne, with about 1200 students from the 5th grade to the Abitur, which is the highest graduation in the German school system.

One important profile of the school includes Natural Science and IT. The school offers very dedicated scientific and technical courses in some cases even outside of the scheduled lesson times. Gymnasium Frehcen also offers various language courses outside the scheduled lesson times, which lead to different language certificates like DELF, the Cambridge Certificate etc.

As a member in the German network MINT-EC (Mathematics – IT – Natural Sciences – Technology) Gymnasium Frechen works in conjunction with about 200 German schools to exchange and develop experiences in modern science teaching and researching.

To establish skills on researching the German school sees its unique task in this school partnership to set up workshops on energy and mobility and on IT and communication skills. IT activities will be joined with music and arts experiences as well as social sciences to promote students’ creativity.

Having a wide range of teachers from different fields of subjects involved, Gymnasium Frechen is able to give input in a variety of subjects.