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General Lyceum of Makri Gialos is an upper secondary educational school aiming at student ages 15-18. Our school is considered to be the southernmost high school of Europe. It was founded in 2008 and it is situated in a beautiful beach area at the south coast of Crete at Koutsouras village, 24 kilometers from the town of Ierapetra.

It is a small rural school with approximately 100 students and 12 teachers. The school shares the same premises with Gymnasium of Koutsouras (founded in 1992, 12-15 year old students).

Students are gathering every morning from 9 nearby villages which are situated at a radius of 0 to 15 km.

Our students’ families are mostly farmers working with greenhouses and olive trees. More than 10 per cent of our student population belong to economic emigrant families that live and work in the area.

Although the natural enviroment of our school region is considered to be very charismatic, in terms of social facilities we are situated in a rather disadvantaged rural area with people facing the risk of social exclusion.

Despite the fact that General Lyceum of Makri Gialos is a recently founded school, is very active in participating in several eTwinning and national and international projects referring to science education, environment, linguistics etc. Our students show a great deal of enthusiasm when participating in national and European educational activities since they perceive it as means of reducing their social and geographical isolation.


Here you can find a short movie introducing the city of Ierapetra

A short presentation of the school held at the kick off meeting